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Fabric Sourcing: How to Negotiate High Minimums

When I was starting a sustainable fashion brand back in 2011 I spent close to a year reaching out to fabric suppliers. After months of dead-ends, it felt like we would never find the perfect fabric we needed for our product. Admittedly, our standards were high.  My then co-founder and I were looking for a […]

Meet the Factory45’er Creating Safety Boots for Women in STEM

When Emily Soloby applied to Factory45 in 2018 she had an idea for a sleek, comfortable, all-weather boot for professional women.  As the co-owner of a transportation safety company that she runs with her husband, Emily would often have to run from client meetings to the job site and couldn't find boots that had the […]

When Should Your Fashion Brand Post on Instagram?

For years, I have poured over the timing of seemingly mediocre business decisions. What’s the best time of day to send an email to my list? When’s the best time to post on social media? Which month is the best for launching…? I was in the middle of one of these dilemmas when a Factory45 […]

Fabric Sourcing: How to Determine the Fabric You Need

Here’s an all-too-common frustration I hear from new entrepreneurs who don’t have a fashion background: “There are just too many fabric options — it gives me complete decision paralysis.” One of the first obstacles to overcome as a new fashion brand is how to determine the fabric you need for your product(s). It is completely […]

Meet Me at the Sustainable Fashion Forum in PDX

SUSTAINABLE FASHION FORUM tickets are now on sale HERE! Meet me in Portland, Oregon on April 24-26 for what is sure to be a power-packed sustainable fashion experience. I’m already getting imposter syndrome just looking at the line-up of incredible speakers, but I'm thrilled to be speaking on a panel over the weekend. Whether you’re […]

The #1 Reason New Fashion Brands Lose Money

Do you know the number one reason that new fashion brands lose money or go out of business in their first year? Manufacturing mistakes. From over-ordering inventory to garment construction errors, starting production is the most vulnerable time for new fashion brands. I’ve heard the stories. The brand blames the factory… the factory blames the […]

My Wish for Your Business This Year

The other night I was out for Thai food with some friends and we started sharing our hopes for the new year. My friend, Megan, was telling us about the morning she woke up on the first day of 2020. She said she was lying in bed, mentally preparing to get out from under the […]

Sustainable Fashion Startup from Scratch: Where to Begin

If you’re like most of the entrepreneurs I work with, then you know this: You want to start a fashion brand that’s socially-conscious You want to do something to combat the “fast fashion problem”  You don’t want to be just another fashion brand In your heart, you are committed to building a sustainably-made and ethically-manufactured […]

Your 2020 List of Sustainable Fashion Events

Every year around this time, I try googling a list of fashion events happening around the world, and I’m never able to find a comprehensive list…  So, I put one together for us. This list focuses mainly on sourcing, tradeshows and conferences with an emphasis on sustainable fashion, specifically. I’ve also divided the events into […]

Why I’ve Ditched Traditional Goal Setting

About this time of year, I traditionally write an annual review of how life and business went this year. You may recall 2018 being a doozie with the health status of my mom, the arrival of Baby Lohr and the post-partum blues that came with it. But this year I’m doing something a little differently, […]