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Introducing Factory45 Live: The Live Show for Fashion Entrepreneurs

Back in May, I hosted our first free 4-day LIVE workshop to help you start your sustainable fashion brand. And to be honest, the response lit. me. up. You all are creating some of the most thoughtful, innovative and problem-solving products to truly challenge the fashion industry’s status quo. And I want to continue to […]

This is a Required Trait of an Entrepreneur

The other day I was watching my three-year-old play with his train set.  One piece of track… connected to another piece of track… connected to another…  And then, uh oh. The last piece wouldn’t fit. I watched as he struggled to fit the piece, as it kept hitting up against the wall of the table, […]

This Used to Hold Me Back — What About You?

I’ve been in your shoes before. Ten years ago I wondered if it would be “worth it” to set out on my own, go against the status quo and start something that was no guarantee.  The truth is, a lot of us lack that one thing that gives us the extra boost to go for […]

[REPLAY] Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand Workshop

Here’s a double-edged sword for you… Last week, someone told me that she learned more in our free 4-day workshop than she had in six months paying a fashion consultant thousands of dollars. And while I’m thrilled that she learned so much, it’s unfortunate that this was her consulting experience. Because here’s the truth: There’s […]

Free Workshop: Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand

Calling all aspiring fashion entrepreneurs!  This is your last chance to register for my four-day workshop to Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand… You can save your seat here. It’s kicking off on Monday, May 3rd at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT, and I’m asking everyone to block off an hour Monday through Thursday so you […]

Celebrating 4 Plant-Based Fashion Brands on Earth Day

How many Earth Day emails have you gotten today? Hopefully, a lot!  But here’s the thing, dedicating a day to the Earth doesn’t mean much without action. And while fashion isn’t the most obvious choice to associate with “going green,” it is one of the biggest contributors to climate change…  Which makes our sustainability efforts […]

Why You Don’t Need a Fashion Background to Launch a Fashion Brand

“I’m not a fashion person,” I remember saying to someone a few years ago. “Wait, but aren’t you, like, in the fashion industry?” they replied. “I guess ‘technically’… but I don’t follow trends or the latest styles or fashion week or read biographies about Coco Chanel…” I also don’t have a fashion background or technical […]

How to Create a Fashion Brand that People Will Buy

In order to build something successful, you have to offer something that people want.  Pretty straightforward, right? In my experience, over the last decade of starting my own fashion brand and then helping other people start their own, I’ve noticed two key factors that set apart successful brands from unsuccessful brands.  And that’s what I’m […]

LIVE Workshop: Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand

For the last two months, I’ve been working on something really special for you.  It’s taken a lot of work (more than I thought it would) to make this an irresistible opportunity that I know you will benefit from. If you’re building your sustainable fashion brand this year, I’d like to officially invite you to […]

Introducing the 2021 Factory45 Alumni Mentors!

Have I ever told you the story of my major career turning point? I was starting my sustainable fashion brand back in 2010 and my then co-founder and I were making very little progress. We were building an audience, blogging and growing our email list but we could not, for the life of us, find […]