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Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand: The Podcast is now LIVE!

It’s Shannon, here, with a quick announcement… We've launched a podcast! I know, I know, does the world really need another podcast? But actually, when it comes to the fashion education space, there isn’t a lot being offered to fashion entrepreneurs like you… Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand: The Podcast will offer easy-to-implement, 20-minute-or-less episodes […]

How to Push Past Fear & Launch Your Fashion Brand this Year

To kick off the year, I’m dedicating this week’s Live Show to pushing past fear. More specifically, how do you push past fear to launch your fashion brand this year? Fear is an emotion that every. single. entrepreneur on the planet deals with.  But when we’re first starting out, it’s so much more complicated because […]

Podcast Ep. 01: How to Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand

You want to start a sustainable fashion brand that’s ethically manufactured and eco-friendly, that’s why you’re here. The question is: Where do you start? What does it mean to be “sustainable” and what are some of the most important things you should keep in mind as you build your brand? That’s what I’m going to […]