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A Free Resource for Building an Anti-Racist Fashion Brand

“Allyship is a verb…” Said diversity consultant Ericka Hines during Rachel Rodgers’ Town Hall to Reimagine Small Business event.  And her words have stuck with me. As I’ve been learning, listening and absorbing how to be a better ally to BIPOC, I’ve also been struggling with the feeling of not doing enough. With every realization […]

What’s it Like to Join Factory45?

The other day I was on a podcast interview, and the host asked me how I reach big goals. I’ve shared with you before that I’m not a goal-setter in the traditional sense. Instead, I focus on the small “action steps” needed to achieve big goals. And that’s where I started in January of this […]

Introducing Factory45 Alumni Mentors!

Every year that I launch Factory45, I spend a good portion of my energy thinking about this: How can I make this year more impactful, more helpful, more supportive for the entrepreneurs that come through the program? Because the truth is, if you’re not always striving to improve your business then you’ll start to lag […]

Applications to Factory45 Open on May 6th!

The weirdest thing happened to me the other day. I realized something that I never could have guessed would be my current reality. I know, not shocking considering the state of the world. But first, let me backup. If you’ve been following along over the past couple of weeks you know that I launched The […]

Why It’s Never Been a Better Time to Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Yesterday, on the American Fashion Podcast, I joined a panel of fashion industry experts to talk about the repercussions of COVID-19. Everyone shared their perspective from their own little corner of the fashion industry, from luxury to brick-and-mortar retail to supply chain. Some of the panelists were optimistic while others were not. But out of […]

A Rallying Cry for Small Businesses

It took me seven hours to write this post. It’s true, I didn’t complete any other work yesterday.  Monday was even worse (I won’t tell you how many episodes of Peaky Blinders I re-watched…) So before I attempt to pull us up by the bootstraps, I want you to know that I’ve been as distracted, […]

Fabric Sourcing: How to Negotiate High Minimums

When I was starting a sustainable fashion brand back in 2011 I spent close to a year reaching out to fabric suppliers. After months of dead-ends, it felt like we would never find the perfect fabric we needed for our product. Admittedly, our standards were high.  My then co-founder and I were looking for a […]