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How to Create a Fashion Brand that People Will Buy

In order to build something successful, you have to offer something that people want.  Pretty straightforward, right? In my experience, over the last decade of starting my own fashion brand and then helping other people start their own, I’ve noticed two key factors that set apart successful brands from unsuccessful brands.  And that’s what I’m […]

LIVE Workshop: Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand

For the last two months, I’ve been working on something really special for you.  It’s taken a lot of work (more than I thought it would) to make this an irresistible opportunity that I know you will benefit from. If you’re building your sustainable fashion brand this year, I’d like to officially invite you to […]

Introducing the 2021 Factory45 Alumni Mentors!

Have I ever told you the story of my major career turning point? I was starting my sustainable fashion brand back in 2010 and my then co-founder and I were making very little progress. We were building an audience, blogging and growing our email list but we could not, for the life of us, find […]

Instagram Growth for Fashion Brands: 3 Key Strategies

Oh, Instagram… we love it. We love to hate it. And sometimes, we just flat out hate it. Whether it’s changing algorithms, or limited reach, or the feeling of being on a hamster wheel, Instagram strategy and growth can be overwhelming for new fashion brands. Every new follower can feel like a struggggggle.  And just […]

Fashion Entrepreneurs, Learn from My Mistake

“Okay, so! We’re going to publish three episodes a week… I mean, they’re less than 10 minutes long… so we need to keep up the frequency… otherwise people won’t be engaged… it won’t be that bad… we can probably keep this up for months…”  This is what my inner dialogue sounded like as I was […]

The #1 Reason New Fashion Brands Lose Money

Do you know the number one reason that new fashion brands lose money or go out of business in their first year?  Manufacturing mistakes.  From over-ordering inventory to garment construction errors, starting production is the most vulnerable time for new fashion brands. The brand blames the factory… The factory blames the brand…  And when all […]

Celebrating 5 Factory45 Alum on International Women’s Day 2021

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is #choosetochallenge — an action that couldn’t be more fitting for what we’re doing here at Factory45. So, to celebrate, I’m featuring five Factory45 Alumni who are choosing to challenge through the sustainable fashion brands they’ve built. Keep reading to get to know these women and make […]

4 Black Family-Owned Sustainable Fashion Brands to Celebrate

Did you know that since 1976, every American president has endorsed a specific theme for Black History Month? When I learned that the 2021 theme is, “Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity,” there were several Black-owned sustainable fashion brands that came to mind, having been co-founded by siblings and family members. It’s those brands that […]

5 Steps to Becoming an Ethical Fashion Brand

One thing you know for sure:  You don’t want to create just any ole’ fashion brand. You want to ensure that it’s ethically-made and prioritizes people and planet. But what does that mean? And even more importantly, how do you ensure that ethical labor practices are built into your business model from the start? Do […]