How this Entrepreneur Raised Over $14K in Pre-Sales with One Signature Piece

Should you develop a 12-piece collection for your brand launch?

We briefly talked about this during last week’s Live Show with Marta Miller, owner of Lefty Productions and Stitch Texas – you can watch the replay on Instagram here.

The answer from both of us was a resounding “No!” We cautioned against launching with more than 5-7 pieces at the absolute maximum.

Marta went on to share a story of a client who has been successfully running a business with just one product – for years.

So, this is what we’re going to deep dive into during this week’s Live Show with Factory45 alumni Natalie Freed of MSL Bags.

This year, Natalie raised over $14,000 on Kickstarter by pre-selling just one signature piece in a few different colorways.

And while she runs an accessories brand (not a fashion brand), the strategy and tips she’s going to share can be used for any type of product-based brand.

Whether you’re thinking about narrowing down your collection or you know you want to start with one signature piece, join us on Factory45 LIVE tomorrow (Thursday), Nov. 17th at 12:30pm ET on Instagram Live (@factory45co).

Bring your questions for Natalie and I’ll see you there!



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