What do you think of when I say the word, “blog?”

Is a blog something you’ve thought about starting for your fashion brand?

If not, do you know how you can strategically use blogging to create a customer-base and make sales?

It was with the help of a blog that I personally raised over $64K to fund my own sustainable fashion brand.

And it wasn’t through advertising or affiliate links or sponsorships.

Blogging is a tactical marketing strategy that any fashion brand can use to make sales and grow a brand online.

And in this week’s Live Show I’m going to share how to do that.


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See you on Thursday!


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As you start to build an audience for your fashion brand, one of the things you might be wondering is:

Do I have to be on every social media platform?

From Facebook to Twitter to TikTok, it’s normal to feel the pressure that you have to do them all.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t.

Five years ago, would I have recommended that every new business be “omnipresent” across all social media platforms?


But we’re living in a different time.

A time when quality is more important than quantity.

A time when I would rather see you master one platform and grow an engaged audience really well, than try to be everywhere all at once.

So, what’s that one social media platform I recommend for fashion startups?


This will likely come as no surprise — it’s the most visual, it has an ecommerce element and it has a track record.

The question is: with all of the noise and competition for attention, how do you use Instagram to grow your fashion brand?

In this week’s Live Show, I’m going to tell you.


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Clothing Manufacturer

Let’s say you’ve found the clothing manufacturer you want to work with to produce your products…

You think it’s going to be a great fit.

You have a good feeling about their communication style.

And all of the personal references were stellar.

Now what?

What questions do you need to ask before signing a contract? What’s the next step to get pricing? How do you get on their production calendar?

These are all questions I’m going to help you navigate in this week’s Live Show.

clothing manufacturer

There are certain things you must know how to do when you find your production partner. Make sure to join me this week, so you don’t miss any of those important steps.

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Did you miss last week’s episode of Factory45 Live about how to be an ideal client to clothing manufacturers? You can watch the replay by clicking below!

clothing manufacturer

You know the expression, “The customer is always right.”

Well, I’ve worked in two industries where I don’t believe that phrase applies.

The first one is bartending.

(Spend 15 minutes pouring drinks at 1 am and you'll know what I mean…)

The second one is clothing manufacturing.


Because when it comes to new designers, factory managers tell me how exhausting and slow it is.

“We have to do so much educating,” they say. “It really slows down the process when a startup comes in and they haven’t done their research.”

A lot of times, it’s not even worth it to the manufacturer. And that’s why so often you don’t hear back or can’t get in touch with them.

The harsh reality is: new designers get a bad reputation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

And in this week’s Live Show, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know to make every clothing manufacturer want to work with you.

Because ultimately, the goal for you is to be an ideal client.

clothing manufacturer

These are some of the same tips that I teach my entrepreneurs in the Factory45 program, one of them who posted this in our private Facebook group last week:

“During a call with a design house yesterday they thanked me for being so prepared. They said most entrepreneurs don't understand the process, how things work, timing, etc. I explained that I was in the Factory45 program and that I owe it to the program and my mentors…”

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Unique Selling Position

Can I share something I’ve noticed about fashion startups?

After 10+ years working in this space, there is something different about the startups that succeed and the ones that never really get started.

The fashion brands that launch, make sales and grow those sales, started out with one specific thing:

A clearly defined problem that they solve for their customer.

This could also be described as your “unique selling position” or “competitive advantage.”

When I say this to most aspiring fashion founders, they’ll tell me they can’t find a problem for their customer.

When in reality, a problem can always be found.

The real question is, can you solve it?

And if you can’t, then is there a way to pivot your branding, positioning, design or functionality to fix that?

And this is what I’ll be guiding you through in this week’s Live Show:

I’ll be live on Thursday, August 19th at noon ET / 9am PT to help you define the problem you’re solving for your customer and make sure you have a solution to go with it.

Because truly, in an industry as crowded and competitive as fashion, you must have a unique selling position.

You can’t afford not to.

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I’ll make sure to give specific examples of brands that you wouldn’t initially think would solve a problem and how they narrowed it down before launching.

See you on Thursday!


P.S. If you missed last week’s Live Show on creating a business plan you’ll actually use, then press play to watch the replay below:

Business Plan

When I was starting my fashion brand do you know one of the first rookie mistakes I made?

I know, it’s hard to narrow it down to one ; ) 

Having no prior experience in entrepreneurship and being very new to the fashion industry, the first mistake I made was writing a 40-page business plan.

Yes, 40 pages!

My then co-founder and I spent months going back and forth writing and rewriting this giant Word document and do you know what happened to it?

Do you know where it ended up?

That’s what I’m sharing during tomorrow’s Live Show…

I’m going to tell you the reasons you don’t need a mega-long business plan to start a fashion brand in 2021 and then, even better:

I’m going to help you write a business plan you’ll actually use.

My goal — by the end of Factory45 Live tomorrow — is for you to have a business plan for your fashion brand that you can use as a jumping off point.

And we’re going to do this with my one-page business plan template that is already created for you and I’m giving away for free. 

Here’s what you need to do before the Live Show starts on Thursday — text me at (760) 274-8577 and I’ll send over a link to your template. 

You can save it and browse through the prompts before we go through everything together on Thursday.

Even if you know you’ll have to wait to watch the replay, go ahead and text me now so you have the template ready when you are.

Sound good?

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


P.S. If this is your first time joining my Live Show, you can tune in on Thursday at noon ET via our private Facebook group here or on YouTube here (make sure you’re subscribed so you know when I go live). You can also catch up on last week’s episode below!

business model

If you’re in the early stages of building a sustainable fashion brand… 

Or if you’re currently selling, but struggling to manage inventory… 

Then you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s Live Show.

I’m going to be talking specifically about the business model that Fast Company says “could save fashion.”

Not only could this business model save millions of pounds of textile waste from going into landfills, but it could also save money for you as the brand.

If you’ve ever wondered what comes after you launch your brand and how to keep selling without thousands of dollars to invest in inventory, then come join me tomorrow, Thursday, August 5th at 12pm ET / 9am PT.

There are two ways to join: 

  1. Stream live, ask questions and engage in our free Facebook group here.
  2. Or you can simply watch on YouTube here (make sure you Subscribe to the Factory45 channel here so you know when I go live).

If you want to set your brand up for sustainable success in the long-run, then make sure you’re building it that way from the ground up. 

I’ll “see” you tomorrow,



P.S. If you missed last week’s episode of Factory45 Live, I taught a method of nontraditional goal setting that actually works. You can watch the replay below!

set goals

Do you know if you’re a ‘starter’ or a ‘finisher?’

I was listening to a podcast the other day with a business coach who was saying that when it comes to projects, goals and the things we set out to accomplish, some people are ‘starters’ and some people are ‘finishers.’

You’re a starter if you find yourself super motivated in the beginning and make lots of progress until about halfway through the project when your motivation fizzles out.

You’re a finisher if it takes you a while to sit down, focus and take that first step on a project, but once you get going you have no problem finishing the project.

No matter which one you identify with more, it’s very common to struggle with the goals we set out to accomplish.

Especially the big ones, like starting a business.

And that’s why I’m focusing this week’s Live Show on nontraditional goal setting and how to actually accomplish what you’ve set out to achieve.

Because the truth is: it’s not the goal that’s important… it’s something else entirely. 

So, if you find yourself struggling to make progress or you just want to create a plan of action for September that you can look forward to, then join me live on Thursday at noon ET.

  • You can watch, ask questions and engage in our free Facebook group here.
  • Or you can simply stream on YouTube here (make sure you Subscribe to the Factory45 channel here so you know when I go live).

If you find yourself in a “summer slump” in building your fashion or accessories brand, then this will be 20 minutes of inspired action-taking you won’t want to miss. 

I’ll see you there : )


P.S. If you missed last week, I introduced Factory45 Live: The Live Show for Fashion Entrepreneurs. You can watch the replay of the first episode below and learn more about what it’s all about!

live show

Back in May, I hosted our first free 4-day LIVE workshop to help you start your sustainable fashion brand.

And to be honest, the response lit. me. up.

You all are creating some of the most thoughtful, innovative and problem-solving products to truly challenge the fashion industry’s status quo.

And I want to continue to help you.

Because the truth is: You don’t need to go to fashion school or get an MBA to start a fashion brand. You — as you are — can actually start a successful business from your home office or nearest coffee shop.

Every year, I see how possible that is through the brands that launch through Factory45.

So, how can we come together even more — not only to start your brand but to change the fashion industry for the better?

That’s why I’m here, that’s why I do what I do and that’s why I want to help you launch your brand the right way, from the start.

So, as a continuation to our free workshop event, I’m bringing you a new weekly opportunity called:

Factory45 Live: The Live Show for Fashion Entrepreneurs

Every Thursday at noon ET, you can join me (for free) as I teach via livestream to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection.

You’ll be able to learn from me virtually about fashion manufacturing, ecommerce marketing, raising money, fabric sourcing, building an audience and so much more.

Just like the workshop format, I’ll be livestreaming about one specific topic — no fluff, no off-topic Q+A, no bait and switch.

It will just be me giving you the best I’ve got for 20-30 minutes in one value-packed live show.

So, how do you watch? There are two options:

  1. Join our free Facebook group here. This is where the party’s at if you have questions, want feedback or are looking to engage with other fashion entrepreneurs.
  2. Watch on YouTube here. I know Facebook isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so you can also watch the Live Show on YouTube. If you’re choosing this option make sure to go to my channel now and click Subscribe.

Before I go, here’s the last thing I’ll say: when it comes to any free resource, we often don’t make the time for it. It’s human nature to undervalue the things we don’t necessarily “earn.” 

With that said, put this on your calendar and schedule it! If you can make it live at noon ET every Thursday, then it’s always better to show up live… coordinate it with your lunch break!

If you can’t, though, then schedule a more convenient time to watch the replay and commit to it as if it’s live. That’s exactly what I do when I’m on the Pacific Coast and everything happens before my son if off to school : ) 

So, will I see you tomorrow? I really hope so — and I promise to make it worth your while.



Required Trait

The other day I was watching my three-year-old play with his train set. 

One piece of track… connected to another piece of track… connected to another… 

And then, uh oh.

The last piece wouldn’t fit.

I watched as he struggled to fit the piece, as it kept hitting up against the wall of the table, as he got more and more frustrated.

“I CAN’T DO IT!” he yelled out, red in the face. “IT DOESN’T WORK!”

How many times as an entrepreneur have you felt this?

The web domain won’t connect to the host!

The file size won’t upload!

The email form won’t populate!

The difference being, you can’t throw your computer across the room like you can a wooden train track.

One of the main messages you hear as a parent is the importance of building resilience in your kids.

It’s why you should resist doing things for them or providing the easy way out.

And honestly, entrepreneurship is very much the same.

“Are you calling me a toddler, Shannon?”

No : ) I would like to think the way we respond is more developmentally appropriate.

This message is about resilience.

How can you build more resilience into the day to day building of your business?

When something isn’t working the way we want it to, how can we be more resourceful in finding a solution?

Because honestly, that’s what it takes.

If you truly want to be an entrepreneur, then it virtually guarantees you will run into problems — in the beginning, it will probably be on a daily basis.

But to reach any level of success, problems require problem solvers.

There’s no way around it.

That’s all to say, be the toddler who picks up the train track even after he throws it… 

And tries again.


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