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This month, we’re releasing “Best of” episodes that will feature some of our most popular episodes of Season 2. This series will highlight important first steps when starting a fashion brand, and how to raise funds for your first production run. In today’s episode, we’ve pulled together the most popular episodes on all things money while building your sustainable fashion brand. Enjoy!  

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Should You Quit Your Day Job to Start Your Fashion Brand

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand



Ep. 36: How Much Does it Cost to Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand?

Ep. 41: How to Launch a Fashion Brand Without Taking on Debt

It’s Hannah from Factory45! This week I’m back with another Fashion Startup Q+A for you to get your questions about launching a sustainable fashion brand answered.

Whether you’ve been working on your brand for years or just starting to form your business idea, I’m excited to share my startup experiences with you!

Join me for tomorrow’s Live Show at 12:30pm ET and bring your questions!

We can chat about fabric sourcing, manufacturing, branding, marketing, raising money, the Factory45 program, and whatever else is on your mind.

As always, there are two ways to tune in:

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Want to send me your questions in advance? Reply to this email with your questions and I’ll add them to my list 🙂


See you soon! 



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