Factory45’er Tripulse Launches Plastic-Free Sportswear Collection

For the past year, I’ve watched as Factory45’er Franziska Mesche has built her plastic-free activewear brand from the ground up.

She is now on track to raise over $34,000 in pre-sales to fund her first collection.

It started in March 2019 when the idea for Tripulse was born.

Franziska was looking for activewear that wasn’t made of traditional polyester, since over 60% of clothing is made from petroleum-based synthetics.


“Instead of just being frustrated about it,” Franziska says. “I decided to become part of the solution.” 

The mission of Tripulse is to take the plastic out of sportswear and to offer sustainable, high-performing, comfortable and great-looking activewear.

After joining Factory45 in June 2019, Franziska focused her efforts on the research and development of the fabric and prototypes for her first collection.

She was also diligent about content marketing, spreading the word about her brand, building her social media presence and growing her email list.


As she continued to keep her audience up to date on her progress, Franziska spent two entire months testing the functionality of her prototypes to ensure they were up to the highest standard of both sustainability and durability.

“I want people to question their choices regarding sportswear,” Franziska says. “Do I really enjoy wearing polyester? Does it actually feel great on my skin? Have I thought about what plastic does to my body and our environment?”

The very first Tripulse sportswear collection is now exclusively available to purchase through Kickstarter and includes timelessly designed leggings, tank-tops and t-shirts in three colorways.


If you’re in the market for plastic-free activewear, consider pre-ordering a Tripulse garment to help Franziska fund her first production run.

I can’t wait to get my silky soft Tripulse tank top, and you can pre-order yours here.




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