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What do you think of when I say the word, “blog?”

Is a blog something you’ve thought about starting for your fashion brand?

If not, do you know how you can strategically use blogging to create a customer-base and make sales?

It was with the help of a blog that I personally raised over $64K to fund my own sustainable fashion brand.

And it wasn’t through advertising or affiliate links or sponsorships.

Blogging is a tactical marketing strategy that any fashion brand can use to make sales and grow a brand online.

And in this week’s Live Show I’m going to share how to do that.


As always, there are two ways to tune in on Thursday at noon ET / 9am PT:

  1. Join our Facebook group here.
  2. Stream on YouTube here.

See you on Thursday!


Did you miss last week’s episode of Factory45 Live about using Instagram to grow your fashion brand? You can watch the replay by clicking below!

business model

If you’re in the early stages of building a sustainable fashion brand… 

Or if you’re currently selling, but struggling to manage inventory… 

Then you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s Live Show.

I’m going to be talking specifically about the business model that Fast Company says “could save fashion.”

Not only could this business model save millions of pounds of textile waste from going into landfills, but it could also save money for you as the brand.

If you’ve ever wondered what comes after you launch your brand and how to keep selling without thousands of dollars to invest in inventory, then come join me tomorrow, Thursday, August 5th at 12pm ET / 9am PT.

There are two ways to join: 

  1. Stream live, ask questions and engage in our free Facebook group here.
  2. Or you can simply watch on YouTube here (make sure you Subscribe to the Factory45 channel here so you know when I go live).

If you want to set your brand up for sustainable success in the long-run, then make sure you’re building it that way from the ground up. 

I’ll “see” you tomorrow,



P.S. If you missed last week’s episode of Factory45 Live, I taught a method of nontraditional goal setting that actually works. You can watch the replay below!

free workshop

Calling all aspiring fashion entrepreneurs! 

This is your last chance to register for my four-day workshop to Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand

You can save your seat here.

It’s kicking off on Monday, May 3rd at 12:30pm ET / 9:30am PT, and I’m asking everyone to block off an hour Monday through Thursday so you can start taking action in building your sustainable fashion brand.

If you can’t make the live sessions, we’ll have Watch Parties every night at 8pm ET to watch the replays (but you can also watch them on your own time).

The goal of this workshop is to arm you with the plan, strategy and action steps to:

  • Create a brand above the rest, so you stand out from the competition
  • Build an audience before you launch so you have customers waiting to buy
  • Raise money for apparel production without risking your own savings
  • And learn the Factory45 framework for going from idea to launching your brand

The format of the workshop will be about 30 minutes of straight teaching (by me) — I’ve polished each day of the workshop, so that every minute is value packed.

(This is not one of those pre-recorded webinars that spends half the time selling something.)

Then the second half of the hour will be blocked off so you can start taking action on everything you’ve learned that day by following the prompts in your Workbook.

Everyone who participates in the workshop will also be matched with a Mentor so that you have additional support and can get your questions answered as we progress through our four days together.

I promise, this four-hour commitment will be worth your while and set you up on a path to start, grow and launch your sustainable fashion brand.

Save your seat before May 3rd here.

Questions? Just reply back to this email!

See you soon,




Create Fashion Brand

In order to build something successful, you have to offer something that people want. 

Pretty straightforward, right?

In my experience, over the last decade of starting my own fashion brand and then helping other people start their own, I’ve noticed two key factors that set apart successful brands from unsuccessful brands. 

And that’s what I’m sharing in today’s video.

I’m also going to be talking about this a lot more during Session 1 of my free 4-day workshop on May 3rd.

To build something truly long-lasting and successful, you have to start with positioning. 

What gap are you fitting into in the market?

What is the hole that you’re filling?

When it comes to fashion, and a massively competitive market, where does your brand fit in?

Spoiler: you can almost always find your place in the market with the right positioning.

If you’re interested in exploring this more on May 3rd you can sign up to the workshop here.

Ready? Click the video below : ) 

Talk soon,




P.S. I’m going live tomorrow in our private group to talk about building relationships with suppliers and factories. Click here to request access so you can join us!