How to Effectively Negotiate Minimums with Fabric Suppliers

Here’s a scenario that happens all too often:

You find the perfect fabric for your product or collection — it has the perfect drape, the perfect weight, it’s made from the perfect fiber…

It’s 100 percent the fabric you want to use until…

The supplier says:

“That fabric has a minimum order quantity of 1,000 yards.”

And even if you haven’t worked out your exact quantities yet, you know that for your first collection, 1,000 yards is too high.

You’re looking for more like, 250 yards…

So does that mean the dream of using this fabric is dead?

Not necessarily.

In this week’s Live Show, I’m going to teach you some creative ways to effectively negotiate high MOQs with fabric suppliers.

negotiate minimums

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I can promise you, you’ll want to have these tools in your back pocket the next time you find the fabric you know you want to use but you also know is only available in high quantities. 

So, let’s get you sourcing and negotiating! See you on Thursday : )



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