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Unique Selling Position

Can I share something I’ve noticed about fashion startups?

After 10+ years working in this space, there is something different about the startups that succeed and the ones that never really get started.

The fashion brands that launch, make sales and grow those sales, started out with one specific thing:

A clearly defined problem that they solve for their customer.

This could also be described as your “unique selling position” or “competitive advantage.”

When I say this to most aspiring fashion founders, they’ll tell me they can’t find a problem for their customer.

When in reality, a problem can always be found.

The real question is, can you solve it?

And if you can’t, then is there a way to pivot your branding, positioning, design or functionality to fix that?

And this is what I’ll be guiding you through in this week’s Live Show:

I’ll be live on Thursday, August 19th at noon ET / 9am PT to help you define the problem you’re solving for your customer and make sure you have a solution to go with it.

Because truly, in an industry as crowded and competitive as fashion, you must have a unique selling position.

You can’t afford not to.

As always, there are two ways to tune in:

  1. Join our private Facebook group here. (This is also where I send out follow-up resources and continue the discussion online).
  2. You can also stream via YouTube here. (Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel here so you can get notified when we start!)

I’ll make sure to give specific examples of brands that you wouldn’t initially think would solve a problem and how they narrowed it down before launching.

See you on Thursday!


P.S. If you missed last week’s Live Show on creating a business plan you’ll actually use, then press play to watch the replay below: