March Podcast Round-Up: Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand

As promised, I’m sending out a round-up of podcast episodes for you each month…

This makes it really easy for you to binge the episodes all at once (every episode is less than 20 minutes!)

Here’s what we released in March:

Ep. 11 Why Competition is a Good Thing (Even When it Gives You a Panic Attack) (8 mins)

As someone who works with and mentors new entrepreneurs on a regular basis, I’m no stranger to panicked emails popping up in my inbox about the discovery of a competitor. As soon as we discover potential competition, our cortisol levels shoot through the roof and we imagine the worst-case scenario. In today’s episode, I’m talking about why competition is actually a good thing, even when it gives you a panic attack.

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Ep. 12 The 3 Essentials of a Successful Fashion Crowdfunding Campaign (20 mins)

One of my favorite ways for fashion startups to launch is by pre-selling. This means you’re selling your product before you create any inventory. It also means your customers are paying for the product upfront so you have money in the bank to pay for production. One of the most popular pre-selling platforms for fashion brands is Kickstarter. And it’s the 3 Must-Do’s for a successful Kickstarter campaign that we’re talking about today.

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Ep. 13 The #1 Email Marketing Strategy for Fashion Brands (14 mins)

Your email list is your most valuable marketing asset. There are so many different methods and angles to look at when it comes to an email marketing strategy. In today’s episode, I’m going to teach you one specific strategy that you can implement today that averages 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than traditional email newsletters that you may be sending weekly. This is serious stuff, so stay tuned…

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Ep. 14: The 4 Biggest Mistakes New Designers Make When Fabric Sourcing (6 mins)

You know that whatever you’re doing isn’t working, but you don’t exactly know why. Maybe your inquiry email is unclear. Maybe you’re not asking for the right thing… in the right way. Maybe the supplier simply overlooked your email. Whatever the reason, I do know this: The vast majority of new designers are making four very common fabric sourcing mistakes. And in this week’s episode, I’m going to tell you what they are so you can avoid them.

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Remember, there are additional resources linked below every episode for you to get started and take action : )