How to Partner with Influencers to Launch Your Fashion Brand

Have you thought about working with influencers to promote or launch your fashion brand?

Then you’ll want to make sure you tune into this week’s Live Show.

I’ll be joined by Natalia Pavanelli, who is a Factory45 alumni and the founder of Wandwoods, a cottagecore sustainable fashion house. 

Natalia says she tried to start a brand before joining Factory45, but had failed to get it to market. 

After enrolling in the program in June 2021, she spent a year building her audience and making a name for Wandwoods in the cottagecore niche.

And do you know what happened?

She had influencers reaching out to her to be involved in her launch.

That’s right, she didn’t have a product to sell yet and women with hundreds of thousands of followers wanted to help promote her brand.

So how did she do it?

That’s what Natalia and I will be talking about on Instagram LIVE this Thursday, Oct. 20th at 12:30pm ET.

Click here to join us.

Have your own questions for Nat? Join us live and drop them as a comment – we’ll take as many live questions as we can : ) 


See you there!




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