February Podcast Round-Up: Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand

If you missed January’s announcement, I’m sending out a monthly round-up of podcast episodes on the last day of each month…

This will make it super easy for you to binge the episodes all at once (every episode is less than 20 minutes!)

Here’s what we released in February:

Ep. 07 Instagram Growth for Fashion Brands: 3 Key Strategies (12 mins)

You already know that you need an Instagram account for your fashion brand. But with algorithms always changing, the growth, reach and engagement can feel pretty slow and disappointing… in this episode, I’m sharing three key strategies to grow your following as a fashion startup on Instagram.

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Ep. 08 What to Do When You Don’t Know Where to Start (9 mins)

In this episode, I’m walking you through the first 3 steps you need to take to start your company. The best part is, each of these three steps will take no longer than an hour to do. (Actually, each one will probably take less than 30 minutes!)

My goal here, and the goal of the Factory45 program, is to make “I don’t know where to start” obsolete. My goal is to show you that “knowing where to start” is a lot easier than you think. Ready?

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Ep. 09 When to Invest in Your Fashion Business (& Where to Start for Free) (8 mins)

So, here’s a hot topic: Money. More specifically, how to start a business when you don’t have a lot of money. If you scour the internet, you can find enough stories of multi-millionaires who started from zero, eating chickpeas out of the can while sleeping on their friend’s futon. But there’s a less extreme version of this, and it’s far more common… so, in this episode we’re talking about how to know If you’re ready to invest in your fashion brand.

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Ep. 10 How to Source Sustainable Fabrics for Your Fashion Brand (13 mins)

I want you to start thinking about the supply chain for your fashion brand — while the marketing, audience building and business planning elements of creating your brand are important (and fun), your supply chain is what needs to come together to create your physical product. I recommend prioritizing your fabric search right now — no matter where you are in the process. And I’m going to help you do that in today’s episode.

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Remember, there are additional resources linked below every episode for you to get started and take action : )