April Podcast Round-Up: Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand

April was all about manufacturing on the Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand Podcast… 

I’ve put together this podcast roundup to make it really easy for you to binge the episodes all at once (every episode is less than 20 minutes!).

Here’s what we released in April:

Ep. 16 How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer for Your Fashion Brand (5 mins)

Finding the right manufacturing partner for your fashion startup is one of the most important decisions you can make for your brand. You don’t want to take this choice lightly and you do want to make sure you complete plenty of due diligence before signing a contract or hiring. If you’re looking for a clothing manufacturer for your fashion brand but you’re not sure where to start, this is the episode for you. I’m sharing 5 tips for finding a clothing manufacturer for the first time.

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Ep. 17 Make Every Clothing Manufacturer Want to Work with You (15 mins)

If you can’t find a clothing manufacturer to sew your garments in the correct way, then you’ll lack the ability to sell and scale. I always tell my students to look at your clothing manufacturer as your partner — in fact, instead of calling them your manufacturer I recommend referring to them as your production partner. Because it’s this mutually beneficial partnership that can make or break the brand you’re creating.

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Ep. 18 5 Things You Must Do After Choosing a Manufacturer to Work With (14 mins)

This is the last week we’re going to talk about clothing manufacturing, and while I know, manufacturing isn’t necessarily the most glamorous topic I want to make sure you’re armed for success so that you not only know how to be an ideal client to potential production partners, but you also know how to protect yourself before signing any contracts.Today’s topic is 5 things you must do after choosing your clothing manufacturer.

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Ep. 19 This is the Business Model for the Future of the Fashion Industry (11 mins)

When you think about choosing a business model — your thoughts may immediately go to the question of how you’re going to sell. Will you sell direct-to-consumer? Will you sell wholesale to stores and boutiques? And while those are all important decisions to think about and make, the business model I want to talk about today is one that is *actually* sustainable – not only in terms of the planet and the environment – but when it comes to your wallet and business revenue. This is a business model that could significantly shape the way that you build your sustainable fashion brand and help to change the fashion industry as a brand yourself.

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Don’t forget, there are additional resources linked below every episode for you to get started and take action : )