5 Fashion & Business Podcasts to Follow

Today I want to introduce you to five podcasts on topics ranging from conscious style to business to sustainable fashion.

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by each host and I think the conversations will be helpful in inspiring your own journey into fashion entrepreneurship. 

Browse the shows below and choose the one (or five!) that looks most interesting to you!

Conscious Style Podcast

Ep. 32 – How to Launch a Sustainable Fashion Brand with Shannon Lohr

Working Women Mentor

Ep. 37 – Shannon Lohr: An Insider’s Guide to Sustainability and Using Clothing as a Source for Good

The Sustainable Fashion Wingman

Ep. 28 – How to Launch a Sustainable Fashion Brand, with Factory45’s Shannon Lohr

The Good Dirt

Ep. 89 – The Real Scoop on Sustainable Fashion: A Discussion for Producers and Consumers with Shannon Lohr of Factory45

Marrin Costello Radio

Originally aired on Dash Radio: Shannon Lohr of Factory45

And then, of course, there’s always the Factory45 podcast for 20-minute-or-less episodes every week → Start Your Sustainable Fashion Brand

Happy listening!



P.S. Join me on IG Live tomorrow at 12:30pm ET for Factory45 LIVE, the Live Show for Fashion Entrepreneurs! 

The topic I’m covering is: How to Launch a Fashion Brand Without Taking On Debt. 

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