4 Black Family-Owned Sustainable Fashion Brands to Celebrate

Did you know that since 1976, every American president has endorsed a specific theme for Black History Month?

When I learned that the 2021 theme is, “Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity,” there were several Black-owned sustainable fashion brands that came to mind, having been co-founded by siblings and family members.

It’s those brands that I want to highlight, share and celebrate today — the first two designers are Factory45 graduates : ) 

black family-owned KREYOL


KREYOL is a made-to-order womenswear brand founded by Joelle Fontaine, who immigrated to the United States from Haiti in 1987. (Her incredible story can be read here.) With the support of her mother, who translated her engineering degree to clothing construction and sewing, KREYOL “creates high fashion quality garments that make women feel like powerful pieces of art.” KREYOL’s latest collection was featured in Bloomingdale’s, in partnership with the Boston Red Sox Foundation. 

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Black Family-Owned PAUL RAMEAU

PAUL RAMEAU is a social awareness brand founded by Joelle’s younger brother, Stanley Rameau, in honor of his late father Paul. Stan started out as KREYOL’s public relations manager before launching his own brand that incorporates upcycled and thrifted garments with wardrobe essentials. The Paul Rameau brand is committed to social impact and community progression in the city of Boston. 

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Black Family-Owned LABEL BY THREE

LABEL BY THREE was founded by three sisters, Rue, Tish and Jael in 2018. Today, their garments are designed and handmade in Phoenix, Arizona with a focus on minimalism, sustainability and versatility. All of the materials are hand-picked in-person, using quality deadstock fabrics from independent sellers located in the USA. 

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Black Family-Owned HOUSE OF AAMA

HOUSE OF AAMA is a culturally-inspired lifestyle brand rooted in the ethos of the African continent and diaspora, the dispersion of people from their homeland. Founded by mother and daughter duo, Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, House of Aama has released new collections since 2013. One hundred percent of their garments are produced in Los Angeles.

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All photo credit goes to respective brands.