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Alumni Mentors

Have I ever told you the story of my major career turning point?

I was starting my sustainable fashion brand back in 2010 and my then co-founder and I were making very little progress.

We were building an audience, blogging and growing our email list but we could not, for the life of us, find a manufacturer willing to work with a startup.

It took us a year and a half to find the right factory partner and do you know how it finally happened?

We connected with a more established apparel startup that was willing to take us under their wing.

They introduced us to our fabric supplier, our factory partner and they showed us the ropes inside the manufacturing industry.

That was the turning point. Mentorship.

There is not a single thing (that I can think of) when starting a fashion brand that is more valuable than the guidance of someone who has done it before.

And that’s why I introduced Alumni Mentorship to the Factory45 program last year.

The majority of the feedback I received was, “Being matched up with a Mentor was worth the price of Factory45 alone.”

So, we’re bringing the Alumni Mentors back again this year — in even bigger and better ways. 

And today, I’m introducing the 10 Mentors for 2021 below and over on Instagram here. They are:

  • Crystal Cave, founder of Poppy Row and our new Director of Mentorship
  • Mary Bemis, founder of Reprise Activewear
  • Deanna Cook, founder of LIYA
  • Kaya Dorey, founder of NOVEL SUPPLY CO.
  • Joelle Fontaine, founder of Kreyol
  • Hannah McDermott, founder of Santos Swim
  • Nicki Patel, founder of milo + nicki
  • Laila Potvin, founder of harly jae
  • Stanley Rameau, founder of Paul Rameau
  • Kendall Wilson, founder of Vesta

If you’re starting your sustainable fashion brand this year and want to connect with someone who is currently doing what you want to be doing, then reach out to anyone above via Instagram or Facebook DM. They’d love to chat with you and start answering your questions now : ) 

Next week I’ll fill you in on what else we have going on, but click the image below for a sneak peek!

Talk soon,