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Learn how to successfully
market your sustainable
fashion brand

Build your email list, grow on Instagram, and generate customer leads before you launch.

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Learn how to successfully
market your sustainable
fashion brand

Build your email list, grow on instagram, and generate customer leads before you launch.

Are you overwhelmed with the idea of marketing your fashion brand?

New fashion entrepreneurs often face the challenge of not knowing how to get their products in front of the right audience.

It’s overwhelming and hard to know where to start. Oftentimes, new designers try a little of everything and give up when they don’t gain traction.

But here’s what you need to know: It’s one thing to start a business, it’s another thing entirely to start a sustainable fashion brand.

There are proven strategies to market a sustainable fashion brand, and get products in front of your target customers…

The good news is, these strategies are exactly what is taught in Factory45.


Learn which marketing strategies you should actually focus on, so you don’t waste time and energy on what doesn’t work.

A complete brand strategy that speaks directly to your target market and represents the visual identity of your company.

Implementation of the #1 most effective marketing tactic for an ecommerce product launch.

A tried-and-true content marketing roadmap that attracts customers.

A media plan for reaching out to press outlets so you can launch your product with buzz.

New social media tactics to connect with your target market and turn them into “early adopters.”

​​A PR strategy for effectively communicating your unique selling position so you tell a compelling story that gets re-told.

Meet Shannon, Founder and CEO of Factory45

Hi! I’m Shannon Lohr, sustainable fashion advocate and founder of Factory45 — the online business school for fashion entrepreneurs.

Since 2014, I’ve helped startups all over the globe launch their sustainable apparel & accessories brands the right
way from the start.

Together with the help of our all-star mentorship team, you’ll learn how to set up your supply chain, build your audience, generate media buzz and launch your business successfully.

With lifetime support and a community of like minded fashion entrepreneurs, there is simply no other program like Factory45.


Factory45 provides proven marketing strategies to help you build an audience before you launch.

“We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised almost $90K. We were featured in news outlets such as Who What Wear, Darling Magazine, The Boston Globe, and ABC World News.”

Founder of VETTA

“I’ve been able to hone my brand identity, grow followers through social media and gain emails though a landing page I developed with the help of the program.”

Founder of GALAMAAR

“Some of my favorite Vancouver boutiques carried my first collection, I was interviewed by two well-known local publications (without pitching them!) shortly after the launch, and I also got a meeting with a major Canadian retailer.”

Founder of harly jae


Are you ready to market your fashion brand?

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