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Learn how to launch a sustainable womenswear brand

Build a brand for women without sacrificing style or sustainability.

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Learn how to launch a sustainable womenswear brand

Build a brand for women without sacrificing style or sustainability.

So, you want to start a sustainable womenswear brand that’s ethically manufactured and eco-friendly.

These are some questions entrepreneurs just starting out often ask…

  • How do I find sustainable suppliers and ethical manufacturers?
  • How do I develop my collection?
  • How do I know whether my brand is sustainable enough?

Here’s the thing to know when you’re first starting out in the sustainable fashion space:

It’s absolutely possible to start a clothing brand that is good for the planet and people, regardless of your fashion background.

Whether you want to design timeless pieces that defy trends, create bold closet staples or something else entirely, Factory45 can take you by the hand to turn your dream into a reality.


Factory45 takes the guesswork out of starting your fashion collection.

An overview of sustainable fabrics and how to determine the right fit for your product

Guidance and resources for navigating the sewn manufacturing industry as a new designer

Proven marketing strategies and framework, so you don’t waste time and energy on what doesn’t work

Connections to vetted patternmakers and samplemakers who can work with you to create a “production-ready” pattern and prototype

Database of production partners who work with low MOQs and pay a fair, living wage to their workers

A complete plan of attack for launching a successful pre-sales campaign to fund your first production run

Meet Shannon, Founder and CEO of Factory45

Hi! I’m Shannon Lohr, sustainable fashion advocate and founder of Factory45 — the online business school for fashion entrepreneurs.

Since 2014, I’ve helped fashion startups all over the world launch their sustainable womenswear brands the right way from the start.

Together with the help of our all-star mentorship team, you’ll learn how to set up your supply chain, build your audience, generate media buzz and launch your collection successfully.

Whether you have a fashion background or not, Factory45 gives you the tools to go from idea to launch. With lifetime support and a community of like-minded fashion entrepreneurs, there is simply no other program like Factory45.


Factory45 provides the tools and personalized support to help entrepreneurs launch their sustainable womenswear brands.

“I have always wanted to start a clothing brand but it never felt like it could be a reality for me as I didn’t go to fashion school… I truly would not be where I am today without Factory45, I am so grateful for Shannon and the program and highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a fashion brand!”

Founder of Nicole & Rose

“With Factory45, I was thrilled that someone was essentially taking me by the hand and showing me what to do, and in what order to do things. The list of fabric suppliers was a godsend, as it is really hard to find those on your own.”

Founder of Vesta

“A few years prior I had given up on my dream to have a successful fashion career because my values did not align with those of the industry. Now there I was, years later, realizing that there was a solution to my unfilled dream… Quite frankly, I don’t think I would have had the guts to launch the business without Factory45.”

Founder of harly jae


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Resources for starting your sustainable womenswear business

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