“I can honestly say, if it weren’t for Shannon and Factory45, I would not have pursued my true calling. After studying sustainability in school, I didn’t know if my passion for the environment and fashion would ever be able to co-exist. A friend passed on the link to Factory45 and I couldn’t believe how perfectly serendipitous it was. I literally registered the following day and the program began the day my other one finished. I haven’t looked back since. Although we all have our moments of doubt, the Factory45 curriculum, community and Shannon have kept me on track and motivated to continue pursuing my passions and make novel supply co. a reality.

I want to thank you Shannon for everything you have done and for the amazing program you have created. You are truly inspiring and are changing the fashion industry in big ways. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take part in Factory45.”

kaya dorey, founder of novel supply co

Kaya Dorey,
founder of novel supply co.

“I cannot express enough how much Shannon and Factory45 has helped me grow Be Kind Vibes into the brand I envisioned from the start. The community and support group that Shannon cultivates throughout the program is priceless.

I could seriously write a short story of how stoked I’ve been on Factory45. Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for us, Shannon. It has been an unbelievable experience.”

matt hickey, founder of be kind vibes

Matt Hickey,
founder of Be Kind Vibes

“As a recent fashion design graduate and industry rookie, Factory45 was exactly what I needed to help me navigate the process of taking my idea for a childrenswear line to market. I learned how to design and create garments in college, but Factory45 trained me in the other crucial elements of running an apparel business — branding, marketing, sales, crowdfunding, and production.

Shannon is dedicated to helping you succeed. She clearly defines action steps, provides contacts, and gives you more information about each step of the production process than you could dream of. Factory45 is the ultimate sustainable fashion startup toolkit.”

morgan cox,founder of Cuckoo Children’s Co.

Morgan Cox,
founder of Cuckoo Children’s Co.

“I had been dreaming of starting a kids apparel line. Something fun, funky and sustainable. I really didn’t know much about the apparel industry and thought maybe I’d just sell on Etsy and sew myself. I then had a friend refer me to Shannon and Factory45.

The minute I got off the phone with Shannon I knew I had to take a leap of faith and join her accelerator program. Forget Etsy, I want to go into production, find a manufacturer and suppliers! Factory45 really is an “Idea to Launch” program. Step by step you learn everything you’ll need to know to start a professional and successful business. Kudos to Shannon, she’s thought of everything.”

sarah davis, founder of citizen smalls

Sarah Davis,
founder of Citizen Smalls

“Shannon has put together an incredibly thoughtful plan of attack for a newbie. One of the things I love the most is the fact that once you’re a Factory 45’er you’re in for life and have lifetime access to the lessons and information so you’re not pressured to rush, which is impossible for me. Not to mention access to Shannon who is incredibly responsive and has an amazing way to breakdown a roadblock with you personally.

Since I started I have sourced my own proprietary textile, found pattern-makers and production partners who were willing to work with me. It has demystified the process and given me the confidence that I now have the tools and infrastructure to address each step in the process as well as how to talk to industry professionals.

I have every confidence that with Shannon’s help, I have a much better shot at actually bringing my project to fruition.”

laurie landsness,  founder of Mack & G

Laurie Landsness,
founder of Mack & G

“Shannon Whitehead has made Factory45 essential for those who want the often intimidating manufacturing process demystified. You will gain real knowledge of sustainability, get helpful industry advice, and collaborate with a supportive entrepreneurial network that will be invaluable to your business launch.”

angela tsai, founder of mamachic

Angela Tsai,
founder of Mamachic

“I have made more progress since starting Factory45 than I have in two years trying to do this on my own.”

heidi mckenzie, founder of alter ur ego

Heidi McKenzie,
founder of Alter UR Ego

“Factory45 was the best step I could have taken while navigating early entrepreneurship. Shannon has designed a clear and concise program which takes the guess work out of so many would-be time and money consuming aspects of starting a business. Between the contacts acquired, the knowledge gained and an invaluable community of like-minded individuals as support, I am now confident I can bring my vision to market both strategically and ethically without sacrificing design.”

blakely wickstrom, founder of gala maar

Blakely Wickstrom,
founder of Gala Maar

“Shannon is amazing. She gives you a much needed structure and helps you to plan out what you need to do and in what order. For me, this part was worth everything. You also gain a group of talented people who you can discuss with, question and support each other and that just makes all the difference knowing that you are not on this crazy journey alone. You will surprise yourself about how much you can get done in relatively short amount of time! I wish Factory45 went on forever.”

barbora kasanicka, founder of bitch please

Barbora Kasanicka,
founder of Bitch Please

“Shannon is dedicated to her students in Factory45. Like a good friend, she wants to see you succeed and she is there by your side each step of the way. Whether you are starting with just an idea or already have a business, Factory45 will help you reach your goals and you can easily work at your own pace. The best part, Shannon just doesn’t let you peek at all her secrets, she willingly and intimately shares with you everything she has learned through her own failures and successes. She gives you every detail about her own Kickstarter campaign and empowers you to work towards your own goals.”

dyan reeves, founder of cultural detour

Dyan Reeves,
founder of Cultural Detour

“Factory45 is a dream come true for those who have a vision and just need a little guidance in getting their idea off the ground. I can’t express enough gratitude that I was able to take part in this incredible program, it has given me all the tools and confidence I need to start creating my dream clothing line and company. In only six short months with Factory45, I have progressed light years ahead of where I would be if I never signed up.”

emily bertovich, founder of faelyn

Emily Bertovich,
founder of Faelyn

“Factory45 has forever changed my life. Shannon created a program that not only provides exceptional resources but also a community of like-minded individuals to share and offer feedback throughout the process. The expertise and resources she provided within the sustainable fashion world are incomparable and allowed me to source and set up a supply chain that fits my vision and values.”

jenn lak, founder of blue verde

Jenn Lak,
founder of Blue Verde

Applications to Factory45 are now closed.

Get on the list to be notified when they reopen on May 18, 2016.

“Shannon’s mentorship and the community of entrepreneurs in the Factory45 program are absolutely invaluable. They provide constant support, feedback, and wisdom tailored to building a fashion-based business. This network, combined with the how-to resources and program exercises, accelerated my business in ways I did not imagine possible.”

ginger bunn, founder of bevy goods

Ginger Bunn,
founder of Bevy Goods

“Factory45 helped my business partner and me organize our goals for our sustainable fashion business in a clear and focused way. From finding ethical sew shops to guiding us on building a brand through social media, Shannon was invaluable in helping us get ready to launch and create a strong foundation for our business.

I am amazed at how much we have been able to accomplish with the Factory45 program. Shannon helped us get organized, stay focused, and achieve our goals.”

rachelschon and melina harper, co-founders of petite marin

Rachel Schohn & Melina Harper,
co-founders of Petite Marin

“Shannon Whitehead has created a brilliant program in Factory45. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone seeking to create a sustainable fashion-related business. Jump on this star train while you have the chance.”

sharon eisenhauer, founder of with meraki

Sharon Eisenhauer,
founder of With Meraki

“Factory45 rescued me from the lonely road of solo entrepreneurship; it gave me confidence in areas that were lacking; and the tools to carry out a focused, ambitious, and achievable product launch.”

lara neece, founder of forest and fin

Lara Neece,
founder of Forest & Fin

“Factory45 is more than just a program because you have someone like Shannon guiding you through the uncertainties of launching a company. Having a comprehensive plan that covers every aspect of starting a company makes you feel confident, which is necessary when you are an entrepreneur. I can’t recommend Factory45 enough for any person who wants to launch a clothing company of their own.”

hanna baror-padilla, founder of sotela

Hanna Baror-Padilla,
founder of Sotela

“I’m now fully production ready, have a beautiful new website, a crystal clear brand identity, a Kickstarter campaign launching this spring and an eternal source of support, friendship and love. I know for certain that I would not have gotten to this point without Factory45. If you want to build a product / company / entrepreneurial lifestyle and feel like Factory45 may benefit you — it will.”

jesse syswerda, founder of eenvoud

Jesse Syswerda,
founder of Eenvoud

“I came into Factory45 with zero experience in the apparel industry and a shaky idea about what I wanted to create. I just knew I was ready to do something. In just six months, under Shannon’s guidance, I’ve developed a prototype for my product, created a landing page, started an email list, have active social media channels and am in final talks with fabric suppliers.

Starting a business is not easy. The support from Shannon and the other entrepreneurs in Factory45 who are struggling through the same things I am, is absolutely invaluable. If you’re ready to make things happen for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.”

tiffany shown, founder of fair seas co

Tiffany Shown,
founder of Fair Seas Supply Co.

“Factory45 was immensely motivational and helpful in getting our company organized and off on the right foot. At the end of the program we had solved, or were armed with the tools to solve, all of the challenges our business faced when we joined Factory45.”

jon and alex perrelli, co-founders of dinosaurus

Jon & Alexander Perrelli,
co-founders of Dinosaurus

“Before I joined Factory45, I had lots of folks cheering me on as I started up my new business, but few people I could turn to for solid business advice, feedback on how to build a brand, and ideas for how to manufacture a new product ethically and sustainably. Shannon and the community of Factory45’ers were instrumental in the development of my business, and (maybe even more importantly) the evolution in my own development to now confidently claim my identity as a designer, a business owner, and an entrepreneur.

Trying to figure out all this stuff on your own can be lonely and frustrating, and being part of a community can make all the difference some days. I’m so grateful for the community and mentoring I got out of Factory45.”

sarah resnick, founder of advah designs

Sarah Resnick,
founder of Advah Designs

“Factory45 gave me the tools and confidence to take what I had been working on and chart a path forward to make it a reality. Manufacturing in America is tough, and it can be hard to know what the “right” next step should be. I’m grateful not only for Shannon’s invaluable expertise and knowledge, but also for the cohort of fellow entrepreneurs, who continue to provide support and inspiration.”

amanda yanchury, founder of cause i run

Amanda Yanchury,
founder of Cause I Run

“Factory45 has been immensely helpful to me in providing all of the tools I was missing to create the brand I envisioned. From reliable industry connections to a supportive group of entrepreneurs, the program gave me the boost I needed to go from dreaming about starting my own brand to actually doing it. Shannon’s support has proven invaluable as I prepare to launch my brand.”

mariana rist, founder of pravi

Mariana Rist,
founder of Pravi

“Before joining Factory45, I was my own barrier to entry. I explored an idea, generated 1,000,000 reasons it would work, shared excitedly with friends, and then put it to bed – before it ever had the chance to see sunlight.

Two months into Factory45, I took a different approach to evaluating my business model. I used the tools Shannon provided and the community of brave thinkers to problem solve around a challenge, extrapolate new solutions, and generate progress. And I learned something profound: it was not the ideas fizzling out. It was me. Before Factory45, I was marching this road alone. After? Well, there is no after. Because this is a community I will cling to indefinitely.

Entrepreneurs, creatives, kite flyers, lion tamers and designers alike need process to evaluate a business opportunity and people to support in accountability (and straight up extroverted energy). Within the strategies and road map developed by Shannon, I have been more mentally available to see new possibilities in a simple business model. As a consultant for retail companies of varied sizes and a dreamer of a new business idea in process, I have found Shannon’s work is invaluable.

Don’t get in your own way, my friend. Join in partnership with individuals who will hold you up and guide you through. The mountainous business perils will level out….and you will find that promised land!”

parker swann wilson, founder of smock box

Parker Swann Wilson,
founder of Smock Box

Applications to Factory45 are now closed.

Get on the list to be notified when they reopen on May 18, 2016.