Factory45 Success Stories: $200,000 Raised (and Counting)

If you’ve been around these parts awhile, you’ve been introduced to some of the entrepreneurs who have come through the Factory45 program. (As a refresher, you can read more about them here and here.)

In the past year, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing some pretty impressive launches thanks to the tools and resources provided in Factory45 and a lot of hard work and dedication from the entrepreneurs I’ve worked with.

It’s those success stories that I want to share with you today. But first, a brief overview:

  • Factory45’ers have collectively raised over $200K and counting on Kickstarter.
  • 100% of the entrepreneurs who launched Kickstarters exceeded their goal amount by at least $4K.
  • 100% of the apparel companies that launched Kickstarters were featured as “Kickstarter Staff Picks.”
  • 100% of the entrepreneurs who launched Kickstarters earned back what they invested in joining Factory45.

Jesse launched her campaign for Eenvoud, a line of minimalist and sustainable womenswear, in mid-April. She set off to raise $10K in 30 days to fund her first production run.

Less than 27 hours into her campaign, she raised 100% of her goal. Over the course of the month, she was featured on the hugely popular minimalist blog, Be More With Less, earned guest posts and interviews on several blogs and was featured by sustainable fashion bloggers.

By the time her campaign ended, she had more than doubled her goal to finish with $21,582.

Jesse has since moved into her own design studio in Brooklyn and added new color-ways to her first collection.

eenvoud-kickstarter copy

Angela launched her campaign for the Mamachic, a do-it-all accessory for new mothers, looking to raise $20K. Her campaign ended yesterday, exceeding her goal by nearly $10K and finishing with 245 backers.

She blew past her $20K goal in under 10 days and was featured on Forbes.com in a Mother’s Day gifts special. About halfway through her campaign, she was contacted by Good Morning America to pitch the Mamachic on a “Shark Tank Your Life” promotional segment with Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec. And she won.

Angela is currently in North Carolina working with her production partner and pre-selling Mamachics here.

mamachic-kickstarter copy

Tina launched her campaign for The Spark Board, a customizable inspiration board and framed work space, aiming to raise $15K. (She was the only furniture maker in Factory45.) In less than two days, she raised one third of her goal, in less than a week she raised half of her goal, and shortly after she reached her final goal amount.

Tina ended her campaign with $19,272 and counting as she moved pre-sales over to her brand new ecommerce store.

sparkboard-kickstarter copy

Lara launched the most recent campaign for her Bicycle Wrap Skirt, raising 50% of her goal in two days, immediately being named a “New and Noteworthy” project by Kickstarter, and then raising her full goal amount one week later.

Leading up to launch, she won first place pitching The Bicycle Wrap Skirt at a fast pitch competition and earned her biggest wholesale order to date of her existing Forest and Fin product line.

She’s still running her campaign here if you’re a cyclist who wants “biking in a skirt to be a breeze.”


This time last year all of these companies were in their infancy. Most had been working for 2-3 years without making any traction. They simply had an idea and a passion to create thoughtful and conscious products made in the USA.

A year later, they can now call themselves full-fledged entrepreneurs, running successfully-funded companies.

With continued hard work and persistence, the best is yet to come.