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On Maternity Leave Until April 11th!

Happy 2018! I hope everyone had a joyous and stress-free holiday season.

I spent much of December making (semi-successful) attempts at vegan baking, listening to way too much holiday music (guilty pleasure) and putting the finishing touches on my biggest creative project to date…

Making a human!

Our estimated due date is January 16th – keeping our fingers crossed we don’t have a blizzard baby! – so this is a quick note to let you know I’ll be on maternity leave until April 11th.

For the next three months, most of my time will be focused on spending quality time with Baby Lohr, so you won’t see as much of me on Instagram and there won’t be any new content on the Factory45 blog.

I will, however, be sending out a “Best Of” email series of the most-read / most-loved Factory45 blog posts from the past three years. If you subscribe here, I’ll pop into your inbox once a week with startup inspiration and advice.

For many of you, these will be posts that you’ve never read before so I hope you enjoy them (they’re also my personal favorites).

Once I return from maternity leave on April 11th, there will be brand new content and we’ll start to gear up for the 2018 program of Factory45!

Applications will open on Wednesday, May 15th so if you’re hoping to launch your clothing company with Factory45 this year, make sure to mark your calendar.

*This date includes international entrepreneurs who want to apply to Factory45 Global.*

If you have questions, I’ll periodically be checking email until baby’s arrival so send ‘em over : )

I’m wishing you all a productive and exciting start to the new year and look forward to reconnecting with you in the spring!


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P.S. And no, we don’t know what we’re having! Almost all of our family and friends think it’s going to be a boy, though… (the old wives tales are endless!)

Photo credit: Joni Lohr