Introducing the Entrepreneurs of Factory45 Spring 2015: Part III

Over the past few months, I’ve been introducing some of the entrepreneurs in this season’s cohort of Factory45. You can read the last two intros here and here.

Today, I want to share the stories of five more Factory45’ers as we wrap up the spring program at the end of the week (can’t believe it!).

So without further ado, here they are:

morgan-coxMorgan Cox is the founder of Cuckoo Children’s Co. in collaboration with her business advisor  Michele Riggs, who is the owner of an established yarn and fabric shop in North Carolina. Morgan recently graduated from NC State with a dual degree in textile technology and art design and was an intern for several summers at Ralph Lauren. Passionate about helping to bring textile manufacturing back to her home state, Morgan will launch her line of children’s clothing sustainably and ethically made in North Carolina.

emily_bEmily Bertovich is “saving the earth one panty at a time” with Faelyn, a brand of ethereal and eco-friendly lingerie. Being based in New York while traveling to Paris, Emily observed the negativity and waste associated with the traditional fashion industry first-hand. She’s set out to provide a more sustainable option for lingerie that is kind to you and to the earth.

Kaya_DoreyKaya Dorey is one of our Canadian-based entrepreneurs who is launching Novel Supply Co., sustainable apparel for the urban adventurer. Based in Vancouver, Kaya spent her time in undergrad exploring zero waste supply chains and textile recycling. As she sets up the suppliers and manufacturers for her own company, her goal is to incorporate a closed-loop process that is sustainable from beginning to end.

amanda-yanchuryAmanda Yanchury is a marathon runner based in Boston, who is taking her passion for running to launch a line of activewear called Cause I Run. Amanda is immersed every day in environmental issues, working for a local non-profit that fights to preserve our oceans. She’ll be taking her commitment to sustainability further by sourcing recycled fabrics and manufacturing here in Massachusetts.

blakely-wickstromBlakely Wickstrom was the head designer of a well-known swimwear and clothing brand that, like most, was produced in China and India with little regard for ethics and sustainability. Feeling fed up with industry, Blakely has committed to creating her own line of swim and resortwear, called Gala Maar, with ethics and sustainability at the forefront. She has done extensive R&D in Los Angeles, sampling in Barcelona and will bring manufacturing back to NYC.

As I mentioned, Factory45 ends on Friday, so I want to share some of the feedback I’ve been getting over the past few months:

“For anyone who is interested in the program, it has exceeded all of my expectations.” – Blakely Wickstrom

“This program has been amazing. It has been the BEST experience for me and I’m forever grateful!” – Sarah Davis

“I am so thankful for all that you have done and the program you have created. I never would have done this if it hadn’t been for you.” – Kaya Dorey

“Shannon, your help is priceless.” – Rachel Schon

“It’s been nothing short of amazing to work with Shannon and the inspiring group of entrepreneurs in our group.” – Tiffany Shown


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