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Podcast Ep. 39: How to Stop Fearing Failure

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Spotify Everyone loves the hero’s journey and I’m sure you can recount a dozen other failure-to-success, rags-to-riches stories of celebrities and athletes. But what about your own? As an entrepreneur, regardless of whether you’re established or aspiring, what is your relationship to failure? To thrive in this industry, […]

How to Save Time & Money Working with Your Manufacturer

Have you started talking to manufacturers about producing your brand? Maybe you’re still in product development, maybe you’ve done a time study, or maybe you’re still working on your spec sheet… No matter where you are in the process of starting your fashion or accessories brand, one of the best things you can do right […]

Podcast Ep. 38: This Might Be *The* Secret to Success

Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Spotify How many times have you wanted to give up? Whether it was entrepreneurship, a job, your education, a relationship or something else… If you ever faced feelings of wanting to throw it all away, what stopped you from doing it? What kept you going and invested in […]

5 Important Business Lessons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

The last time I worked in an office was 2007.  It was the closest I ever came to having a “real job” – and I was an intern in Sports Illustrated’s editorial department. Which means, I’ve essentially been some version of an entrepreneur for over a decade. I’ve learned a lot from it. Business lessons, […]

How to Partner with Influencers to Launch Your Fashion Brand

Have you thought about working with influencers to promote or launch your fashion brand? Then you’ll want to make sure you tune into this week’s Live Show. I’ll be joined by Natalia Pavanelli, who is a Factory45 alumni and the founder of Wandwoods, a cottagecore sustainable fashion house.  Natalia says she tried to start a […]