Get started on your application!

Get started on your application!

I understand that if accepted into Factory45 2018, the program tuition is $500 per month for 6 months. There is no payment due today.

The Basics



Phone number*

Where do you live?
I live in the U.S. or CanadaI live outside of the U.S. or Canada


Company name (if you already have one):

Social media links (business related or personal):




Other (please provide link)

Tell me about your product(s)*:

What stage of development are you in? (check all that apply)*

Idea phase

I've done some research

I have a prototype(s)

I have sourced fabric

I have a production partner

I’ve raised money

I have a social media presence for my company

I have a website for my company

I’m currently selling and have customers

Other - please explain below:

Tell me about a few of the big challenges you’re facing in trying to create your product(s).*

How do you plan to raise capital for production?*

Crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.)

Bootstrapping (your personal savings)

Pre-sales through your own website

Private or small business loan

Tell me about your commitment to sustainability (if you’re unsure it’s okay to say so!)*


What do you hope to accomplish in Factory45?*

What skills and unique character traits will you bring to the Factory45 community?*

How did you find out about Factory45?* (please choose one)
StartUp FashionMaker's RowIndie SourceGoogleFacebookInstagramI've been on your email list for a whileOther - please explain below

Have you previously participated in The Crowdfunding Factory (my other course about raising money through Kickstarter)?